EnCO2re is an innovation and market development programme for CO2 re-use. Our vision is a balanced and prosperous market for re-used CO2, beginning with a focus on polymers and chemical intermediates. Our ambition is large-scale CO2 re-use through the establishment of a CO2 value chain.

EnCO2re was co-initiated by Climate-KIC and industry partner Covestro, forming a consortium of 12 European partners from industry and research sectors. The programme has a comprehensive approach towards CO2 re-use and comprises activities in technology development, product development, technology acceptance, ecological assessments and market development.

EnCO2re is pronounced like the French word encore, meaning “again,” in reference to the re-use of CO2 the programme aims to enable.

Meet the team

The open innovation consortium consists of 14 European partners:

Chalmers University of Technology, CEA Saclay, Covestro, Imperial College London, Johanneberg Science Park, Engie Labs,  Lund University, Mines ParisTech, RWTH Aachen, University of Oxford, TU Berlin, TU Delft, University of Copenhagen and Wuppertal Institut.

Our partners