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CO2 re-use innovators gathering in Berlin

9 June 2016

EnCO2re Programme Assembly sparks open collaboration and market development on CO2 innovation

On June 3rd, the partners of the recently established EnCO2re programme (enabling CO2 re-use) met for the second time in Climate-KIC’s start-up incubator Green Garage in Berlin to share their latest accomplishments and discuss future developments in using CO2 as a raw material in industrial productions.

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EnCO2re members working on developing
the programme in Climate-KIC’s
Green Garage incubator in Berlin.

During this engaging and creative day academia and industry partners looked at CO2 utilisation from different angles, starting with CO2 value chains to materials based on CO2, the business development and incubation of new technologies up to survey findings on the public acceptance of a CO2-based economy. Thanks to experienced experts from academia and industry all these topics were discussed, covering CO2 utilisation in its entire scope. The assembly offered excellent opportunities for networking, interesting presentations about the projects and a world café to further develop the programme.

Even more potential assumed

A highlight was the presentation by Michael Carus, CEO of the Nova Institute, who joined the meeting as a guest speaker. Michael added interesting aspects and subsequent discussions as he outlined a much larger potential for CO2 utilisation than commonly assumed. He broadened the scope to include interdependencies with the solar and bio-based energy markets in particular, showing opportunities and challenges along the way to a truly circular CO2-based economy.

Michael Carus, Nova Institute: “CO2 re-use
has more potential than assumed.”

Come in and join the community

EnCO2re is an innovation and market development programme for CO2 re-use. The vision is a balanced and prosperous market for re-used CO2, beginning with a focus on polymers and chemical intermediates. The ambition is large-scale CO2 re-use through the establishment of a CO2 value chain. The programme was initiated by Climate-KIC and is co-led by industrial partner Covestro. It reaches out to more potential contributors and participants for knowledge sharing, new innovation ideas and networking. Interested parties may contact programme manager Ted Grozier.

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