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Manfred Rink

Programme Consultant


Sabine Arras

Former Communications Lead Climate-KIC Germany and EnCO2re


Must read: Exploring the route to the new plastics economy

15 April 2016

Reading the World Economic Forum’s report “The New Plastics Economy” is a must for people involved in the plastics business.

In a very comprehensive way the complex and various aspects of the circular economy are shown. It becomes obvious what bundle of efforts is required to make a difference. While the focus of the report is the plastic packaging industry most of the insights are relevant for other plastic industry segments as well – and beyond plastics industry.

The program EnCO2re – enabling CO2 re-use – is one part of the required efforts mentioned in the report. It ties in with e.g. “GHG-Based Feedstocks” or the “Decoupling plastics from fossil feedstocks”. The report claims to initiate – not conclude – a deeper exploration of the New Plastics Economy. EnCO2re is playing an important role in that exciting journey.

The report was co-created by World Economic Forum, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and McKinsey & Company.



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