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CO2 utilisation technologies, like other clean technologies, face capital intensity along their life cycles and high investment risk profiles. Various CO2 utilisation technologies are on the edge of the ‘valley of death’: a funding gap between basic research and the commercialisation of new products.

But what are the specific barriers to commercialisation of CO2 utilisation? And what business models are best to overcome these barriers? Currently no studies are dedicated to these questions. The EnCO2re project Incubation and Business Modelling is investigating barriers to successful commercialisation of CO2 utilisation technologies by conducting interview studies with start-ups in the field of CO2 utilisation and clean technology investors.

Expected results

There was no comprehensive global overview of CO2 utilisation activities. That is why the CO2 utilisation activity map, recently created within the framework EnCO2re, laid the essential groundwork for the ongoing commercialisation barrier study and upcoming business model analysis. This interactive online map facilitates future collaborations and exploitations of cross-sectoral synergies within the different stakeholders on the market for CO2 re-use.

CO2 utilisation global landscape of players


What exactly is being done?

CO2-utilisation specific recommendations for key stakeholders in the commercialisation and business incubation processes will be derived from the outcome of the studies (e.g. policy makers, private and corporate investors and infrastructure providers and start-ups). Both the demand side and supply side of a dedicated CO2 utilisation business incubation process will be strengthened, on the one hand by a favourable support system, and on the other hand by efficient business models for CO2 utilisation technologies. The INKULAB at TU Berlin is such a system, an incubation laboratory project with specialised infrastructure and support for chemical start-ups.


The contribution to developing a CO2 re-use market

Knowing the stage and its players is crucial for creating a market and define value chains. The next step will be in-depth studies that will identify best practise for capital efficient business models in the field of CO2 utilisation.

“The re-use of CO2 might not be the all-in-one solution for climate change, but it is a promising step towards an efficient use of resources and a closed carbon cycle.” – Marvin Kant

Project consortium & partners

  • TU Berlin
  • Covestro AG
  • In collaboration with the SCOT project and a range of start-ups and investors.

Project Duration

01/2015 to 2017/18


Marvin Kant

Project Manager, PhD candidate at the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at TU Berlin


Prof. Dr. Jan Kratzer

Project Lead, Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and Managing Director of Center for Entrepreneurship at TU Berlin

CO2 utilisation global landscape of players

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Report: The Business Side of Innovative CO2 Utilization

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