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Business development

Rapid Prototyping and Techno-Economic Assessment

How are CO2 utilisation products currently developed and how could that be facilitated in the future? What are the biggest challenges in terms of technical and economical feasibility? And what CO2 utilisation options are promising and how can they be compared? These are the key guiding questions of the project Rapid Prototyping and Techno-Economic Assessment.

Expected Results

At the top of the deliverables is a new techno-economic assessment tool for early stage R&D projects which will be able to make clear statement about the technical and economic aspects of a particular CO2 re-use application.

What exactly is being done?

The project will describe best practices and case studies of product development in CO2 utilisation and fulfil a high level screening of CO2 utilisation technologies within EnCO2re and beyond. Selected technologies will be analysed in depth. The project will use the methods of desktop and literature research, interviews, the application of the techno-economic assessment tool and software based chemical process simulation and process cost estimation.

The contribution to developing a CO2 re-use market

Rapid Prototyping and Techno-Economic Assessment fits into EnCO2re’s overall strategy as the project is expected to deliver a systematic client and market focus for CO2 utilisation projects as from early stages and clear assessments of technological feasibility and business opportunity of such kind of development. Additionally, it will systematically screen new CO2 re-use technology pathways. It will strengthen the marketability of R&D activities in CO2 re-use and establish techno-economic assessment as a service for the market players in the field of CO2 re-use. From a climate perspective, the ability of the tools to focus attention on applications with large volumes is very important.

Current State of CO2 re-use

Current state of CO2 re-use

“EnCO2re combines technology innovations, large potentials and great minds, working together with the goal to build a circular economy. There is so much to see, so much to learn and so much to be built!”Arno Zimmermann

Project duration

08/2014 to 12/2017

Project consortium & partners

  • TU Berlin
  • Collaboration with EnCO2re partners RWTH Aachen and Covestro AG
  • Exchange with SCOT project, Zero-Emissions-Platform, and a range of start-ups

Arno Zimmermann

Project Manager and PhD Student at TU Berlin


Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schomäcker

Project Lead, Professor at the Institute for Technical Chemistry, TU Berlin

Report: The Business Side of Innovative CO2 Utilization

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